inFINITY Comics is an independent comic group, co-created by comic artist DeliriumMacabre and writer Discord.Our works often include horror themes and religious symbolism, and are LGBTQ+ centered. We specialize in making stories within our inFINITY comics universe.


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Our projects

drama | romance | slow burn

While many relationships start via social media, this one started on a… coffee cup.


blind/side is an adult real life comic about relationships and issues people face in their everyday lives.Robert is a serious CEO, who battles his personal demons, trying to keep up the appearances of a perfect prodigy his father always wanted him to be.His entire life he carefully crafted for himself gets thrown off balance when one day he receives a coffee cup with a message to him.


urban fantasy | horror

Come and see all the wonders you could ever dream of in World Wide Wonders carnival!


Stories scribbled on a carnival ticket is an urban fantasy anthology revolving around a traveling carnival led by a charismatic and mysterious ringmaster.The seemingly normal funfair hides a sinister secret and it is not unusual for some of the guests to disappear without a trace...


sci-fi | cyberpunk

Heaven is on Earth and Angels walk among humans, while faith has no face.


EDEN.01 is a sci-fi/cyberpunk comic that explores a vision of the dystopian world where Earth is suffering, leaving humanity with no options of survival other than being forced to live in enclosed Edens; last bastions of human civilisation.Citizen restrictions are getting tighter every day, enforced by Disciples of the new and only God - OmniMind. The cost of world peace was high, but some start to think it was not worth it.


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